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Get Media Coverage for Your Exhibitors, Part 2

Posted by Pak on 4/1/2011 to Show Planner

With companies scrutinizing every marketing dollar, the  extra value of good media coverage can help strengthen their trade show  budgets.  In our March  newsletter, we talked about smart practices for drawing in the media  before the show.   Of course, what you do  during and after the show are just as important.

During the Show

  1. Make  the press room lively and productive, with good internet access, printing,  faxing, copying, and refreshments.

  2. Have  staff ready on a momentís notice to escort the media around the show.

  3. Have  exhibitor booth numbers and key contacts ready.

  4. The  staff should be ready with stories and photo opportunities to suggest if the  reporter asks for it.  The sheer number  of booths can easily overwhelm an unprepared reporter.  Keep in mind any relevant speakers, press  conferences, or demonstrations on the calendar that they may find useful.

  5. Damage  control.  If something goes wrong with  the media (canít find an exhibitor, room gets double booked, etc.), be honest  about it and donít sugar coat it.   Promise them it wonít be like that next year and make sure it doesnít.

  6. TV  has some unique requirements:
    1. Invite  them to do a site survey before the show, especially if it will be live  TV.  They need to test the parking area  for good microwave and/or satellite signals and see the shoot location.  Donít assume the person doing the survey will  be on location for the actual taping.
    2. Have  someone there to meet the TV crew.
    3. Arrange  for parking.  If the news van has to park  illegally, try to arrange with the police department to not give tickets.
    4. Provide  snacks, coffee and drinks. 
    5. Have  the right doors open for the shortest run of cables.
    6. Provide an exciting backdrop.

After the Show

  1. Measure  the exposure youíve received.   BurrellesLuce (www.burrellesluce.com)  is one source that is well trusted.  The  association management and board will likely want to know their return on their  communications and PR spending.  It can  also be a great figure to put in the next yearís exhibitor prospectus.

Weíd also like to suggest one more idea:

  1. Include  examples of media success for exhibitors in next yearís exhibitor  prospectus.  Corporate marketing budgets  are tight.  Good press coverage is  something that online / virtual trade shows canít deliver.
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